Boats can be especially vulnerable to hurricanes. For this reason, when you are storing a boat, you will need to take steps to protect it from hurricanes. Sometimes, you'll need to move it to another harbor and other times you'll even need to move your boat on land.

Always Try to Protect Your Boat

Even if you have boat insurance, you will want to protect your boat. Hurricanes can cause boats to break loose and damage other boats or property. Several boats can be jammed in a single marina because of one or two boats that broke loose during a hurricane.

Move Your Boat to a Safe Area

The best way to protect your boat from a hurricane is to find a place for storage in an area that is not threatened. Areas that are the most threatened are those that are in the path of the eye of the hurricane. There are also boat storage locations that are considered to be boat refuges. Since you will need to work quickly when protecting your boat during a hurricane, make sure that you know where you will take it ahead of time so that you can have a detailed plan of action when the hurricane hits. For example, you will need to know what will need to be removed from the boat before the hurricane arrives.

If you are on your boat when the hurricane is coming, make sure that you travel to the nearest snug harbor so you can store the boat and ride out the hurricane. Do not try to ride out the hurricane in your boat.

Consider Moving Your Boat On Land

Oftentimes, the best place for a boat during a hurricane is on land in a boat storage facility, such as Epic Group Inc. Before hurricane season arrives, make sure that your trailer is in good condition so that you do not have to worry about a defective trailer when you should be focused on transporting your boat to a boat storage facility. Also, if a hurricane is imminent, seek shelter because it will be too late to move your boat to land.

Get the Right Boat

The type of boat you purchase will also affect whether the boat will be able to survive a hurricane. The boat should have an anchor that is properly sized for the type of boat. The boat lines should not only be properly sized for your boat, but must also be in good condition.

Find a friend, preferably someone else who also owns a boat, and create a buddy system where you will take the steps necessary to protect the boat in the event that a hurricane hits. That way, if the hurricane comes when you are out of town, your boat will be in good hands.