Do you suspect that termites are turning your home into their afternoon meal? If so, the faster you take action, the more damage you will be able to prevent. While major infestations will need to be treated by a professional exterminator, minor termite infestations can often be treated effectively on a do-it-yourself basis. Best of all, the all-natural tips outlined below can help you to accomplish this goal without the need for potentially harmful chemicals.

Treat Wood With Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the most effective ways to kill many insects, including termites. The way this natural insecticide works is by paralyzing the insect's nervous system and eventually causing them to dehydrate and die. While this process can take several days to occur, the fact that termites will carry the insecticide back to their nest during this time can actually help you to kill even more termites with a single application.

In order to harness the power of boric acid, begin by mixing the powder with water and placing the mixture inside a clean spray bottle that has been clearly marked with a label identifying the bottle's contents. Next, spray this liquid insecticide on any wood surfaces that are accessible from either inside or outside your home.

While boric acid is a natural product, it is still quite toxic. Therefore, you should always use a face mask when spraying this insecticide. You should also avoid the use of boric acid in homes with young children or pets.

Let Nature Takes Its Course

Like all creatures, termites have natural predators. One of these predators is a small worm species known as nematodes. When introducing nematodes to an area that has been infested with termites, the worms will actively seek out the termites and burrow inside them. Over the course of a few days, the nematodes will dehydrate the host and the termite will die.

The best part about using nematodes to help rid your home of termites is that these small worms are completely harmless to plants, pets, and humans. In fact, they can even be quite beneficial when added to your garden. This is precisely why many home and garden stores began selling the species many years ago.

In Conclusion

Even if you are able to successfully rid your home or termites in a short period of time, you will still need to address any damage that was done prior to their extermination. Contacting a qualified contractor like one from Paramount Exterminating Co in your area will allow you to access the damage and get started on the repair process.