Whether you are flying out of the nest for the very first time or finally moving in with your significant other, apartment hunting can be a daunting task. It can be hard to figure out everything, from how much square footage you need to which neighborhoods you should stay clear of. But with a few tips and tricks, even the most clueless apartment hunters can find the place of their dreams in no time.

Top 5 Tips for Easy Apartment Hunting

Sort Out Your Priorities  

Start off on your apartment search by putting your top 3 priorities down on paper. Setting the budget is a great place to begin for most people, but the other 2 most important factors are really up to you. Are you looking for a washer and dryer in-unit? What about narrowing down your average daily commute to work or school? Some other amenities to muse over are pet policies, rent control and your proximity to restaurants or other social hot spots.

Narrow Down the Search

If you find yourself faced with too many or perhaps too few choices in your search, you can always employ the help of a property management company to do the hard work for you. If you give your list of wants, needs and budget concerns to a few local property management companies, they can easily point you in the direction of their available listings that qualify. You can also visit a website like http://eastvalleypropertymanagement.com/ to find this sort of information.

Break Out the Measuring Tape

Before you start to get too excited about looking a potential apartments, remember that all of your existing furniture needs to fit in the new space. Measure your existing furniture and don't hesitate to bring along the measurements and a tape measure when viewing apartments.

Be Prepared

Once you have narrowed the field down to a few promising locations and begun looking at the properties, be prepared to fill out a lot of paperwork. Keep your important information organized and bring it along with you in order to complete rental applications.

Uncover Hidden Costs

Renting an apartment can cost you a lot more than just the amount of rent due each month. Before you sign a lease, be sure to ask about any possible hidden fees. Ask the leasing agent what utilities are included in the rent and which ones you are responsible for. It is also a good idea to ask about parking fees, cable hookups, pet rent and the price of window treatments, just to be safe.