If you want your trampoline to last until next spring, do not leave it outside to face the elements this winter. All of the moisture can, over the course of the winter, stretch out the jumping pad on your trampoline and cause the metal frame to become rusty.

Before You Get Started

You will need to purchase the following storage containers:

  • 3 50 gallon plastic storage containers
  • 1 large plastic bag  OR
  • 1 large flat plastic storage container

You will also need the following supplies:

  • Pliers
  • Screw Driver
  • Garden Hose
  • Towels or Rags
  • 2 Plastic Zip Bags
  • Dryer Sheets or Mothballs

Remove The Frame Cover

To start with, you should remove the frame cover. If it is warm enough outside, you should spray the frame cover down with a garden hose to remove any dirt and debris that has built up. Allow the frame cover to dry out in the sun. You do not want to store it when it is wet.

After it has dried, you can fold it or roll it up and put it inside of a 40-50 gallon plastic storage bin.

Removing The Springs

Next, you need to move onto the springs. You will want someone to help you with this step. You should remove one spring at a time, switching sides. If you have someone working with you, you can stand on opposite sides of the trampoline and remove the corresponding springs.

If a spring is stuck, you may need to use pliers to remove the spring. Try your best not to bend any springs as you work to remove them. This could cause permanent damage to your springs.

Wipe down each spring with a rag to ensure that it is clean and then place them inside their own storage bin. A 50-gallon storage bin will provide you with enough room for all of the springs.

Fold The Jumping Pad

Once all the springs have been removed, the jumping pad will be loose. Make sure that you clean the pad off. Allow it to dry completely. You can fold or roll it up. Place dryer sheets or mothballs around the pad to protect it while in storage. You can place the jumping pad into its own 50-gallon storage container.

Disassemble The Top Rail and Legs

You will need to use a screwdriver to disassemble the top rail that the springs were hooked into. Place the screws into a labeled zip plastic bag.

After you have taken apart the top rail, you will need to take apart the legs. Each leg piece generally breaks down into three pieces. Place these screws in their own labeled bag.

Wipe down each metal part and then place them inside either a giant plastic bag or a large flat plastic storage container.

Move It To Storage

You can store all of the plastic containers in your garage or inside of a regular storage unit. You may want someone, like Island Movers, to help you move the containers into storage. When spring rolls around again, just pull your trampoline out of storage.