Swarms of bees can quietly invade the walls and attics in your home, and before long, you may start noticing large numbers of bees or hear the sounds of the hives. Since few homeowners are equipped to remove bees themselves, they will often hire a professional bee removal or pest control company, like ASAP Bee Removal, to help them. However, it is important to note that there are two types of bees that can invade your home and each type carries with it their own risks and removal methods.

Wood Bees

The most common invader of homes, wood bees, otherwise known as carpenter bees, are very large in size and are often shiny, as opposed to honeybees that have hairs on the abdomen. These slow-moving and fat bees will often be seen hovering around your eaves, or may bombard you if you are standing close to where they have their nest.

Wood bees will do more damage to your home than to humans, as the males that you see flying around your home do not sting. Instead, they drill and chew holes in the woodwork of your home, and in a very short time can weaken the structure of your home.

Since wood bees are mostly harmless, they are easier to remove than honeybees. Most bee removal companies do one of three things:

  • Set traps and remove the nest
  • Seal off entryways to the nest
  • Use insecticides to kill the bees

Honey Bees

Honey bees are much smaller than carpenter bees, and have a furry abdomen, and produce honey wherever they nest in your home.

Since honeybees most certainly do sting and can cause anaphylactic shock from a excessive stings or allergies, removing the honeybees from your home is an absolute necessity, unless you wish to be a beekeeper. Additionally, while the honey is delicious, the sticky residue from the combs can ruin your home's infrastructure over time.

Removing honeybees is a bit trickier than removing carpenter bees, due to both the presence of honey and the risk of stings. Professional bee removal companies can use the same methods with carpenter bees. Honeybees are essential to the health of the planet, so it is best not to resort to methods that kill the bees. 

In some cases, however, they will stupefy the bees with smoke, and move the hive into the wild. Also, since honeybees are so valuable, farms will buy the hive and bees to keep for themselves in a more appropriate setting, while you get to enjoy the left-behind honey.

A professional bee removal company can ensure the safe removal and can use the correct methods for the type of bee as well.