If you're in the process of renovating your home and you've finally gotten around to the carpets, you may be on the fence about repairing your existing carpeting or ripping it up and getting brand new carpeting installed. Good quality carpeting is often pretty expensive, so replacing it may seem too costly for your budget. If you're not sure whether to repair or ditch your existing carpets, check out the info below.

Check the quality of the carpet.

If the carpet you're wondering what to do with is of the cheap, builder-quality variety, it may make sense to ditch it. Many homes at the entry-level price point and slightly above have low-quality carpeting installed. It does its job by covering up the floor, but nothing much beyond that. If this is the type of carpeting you're dealing with, you may want to invest your money in a new, high-quality floor covering. If the carpet is high quality, have a rug specialist take a look at it to determine if it's salvageable.

Find out if that pet damage is fixable, or here to stay.

If you've got a high-quality carpet that's been heavily damaged by your pets, it's understandable that you'd probably try everything in your power to fix it. If the damage consists of tears or holes caused by claws and teeth, you may be in luck if the damage is confined to a specific area. Carpet repair specialists may be able to find similar material that can be used to replace the damaged part. If the damage is all over the carpet, you may still be able to salvage it depending on the type of weave it has; it may be able to be rewoven. Check with a specialist to find out for sure.

Consider tossing it if it's that other type of pet damage.

At some point in most pet owners' lives, pets will relieve themselves on carpeting if they have access to it. If you use neutralizing cleaning solutions to eradicate the smell, you should be ok, but if the odors have been left to fester in the rug, you're in much tougher shape. Set-in pet urine smells are notoriously difficult to get out, so if you're dealing with a high-quality carpet that's drowning in urine stains, chances are that you'll have to bid it goodbye.

These tips can help you figure out whether to repair a carpet or give it a heave-ho.