If your home experiences any kind of flooding or constant leaking that goes on for a prolonged period of time, then it is really important to find out if water damage restoration is necessary. Here are two ways that you can figure out if your home is in need of repair.

Wall Bubbling

First, look at any and all walls that have been touched by sitting or running water. While your walls may appear to be just fine at first, you may not see the water damage right away. If water damage has occurred, then you may see bubbled paint, bubbled walls, walls that look soggy, or discoloration. All of these signs will tell you that your walls are in need of repair.

In general, the portion of the wall that has been damaged usually has to be removed because it cannot be repaired. Instead, the wall and even the drywall may have to be removed, and then the new drywall can be inserted before the wall is touched up and painted. Also, the baseboard will need to be replaced if they are warped or are discolored as well. It is better to replace them along the areas where water damage has occurred so that mold and mildew do not form in the future.

Carpet Soaking

Next, water can ruin your carpet or at least the padding underneath. When water soaks your carpet, you need to first lift up the carpet and put big fans out to dry out the carpet and pad. After a few days, have a carpet inspector come to your home, and he or she can look at the carpet and the pad to tell you if either one can be salvaged. If the pad is still soggy or is retaining moisture, then you may need to replace it.

Leaving a damp pad under your carpet is a sure way to invite mold and mildew, which can in turn make you and your family sick if the mold spores float around in the air. When you replace the pad, consider getting an eight pound pad along with a waterproof layer on top so that water will not be able to penetrate it as easily if flooding ever occurs again. 

By checking these 2 areas, you can prevent a lot of long term damage and help your home to look as good as new again. Never let water damage go unfixed because your home can incur more damage.