The lunchroom is one of the most essential rooms in an office building. Almost everyone visits the lunchroom from time to time, and this can cause it to become contaminated. The lunchroom is one of those rooms in your office that must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly because the health of each of your employees is at stake. You should give your cleaning service specific instructions about the cleaning of your lunchroom, in order to ensure that is cleaned in the proper manner.

The Lunchroom Refrigerator

The lunchroom refrigerator is used by almost everyone, and the handle on the door of the refrigerator can get very dirty. The amount of germs found on the handle of the refrigerator's door is dependent on the amount of people who open and close the door throughout the day. Care should be taken by your cleaning service to clean the door handle of the refrigerator thoroughly whenever they clean your office refrigerator, as this is usually the dirtiest and most overlooked part of a lunchroom refrigerator.

Cleaning Lunchroom Tables

Lunchroom tables are easily contaminated with germs, and these germs can spread quickly. Cleaning lunchroom tables are a vital part of the overall cleanliness of any lunchroom, as they have a direct impact on the health of your staff. Using a strong cleaning solution is one of the best steps your cleaning service can take. However, there are also other specifications you should put in place to make sure that your lunchroom is a clean healthy place for your staff. Here are a few specifications for your cleaning service:

  1. Never use washcloths that can be rinsed and reused again to clean lunchroom tables, as this can spread germs. Use disposable washcloths instead. The washcloths should be used once and then disposed of.
  2. Inform your cleaning service that they should fold the washcloth into half and then fold it again to make quarters. Each quarter side of the disposable washcloth should be used to clean only one table. This means that it can serve for eight tables in the lunchroom.

In addition to asking your cleaning service or places like Aviat Commercial Cleaners Corp to clean the handle of the refrigerator, you can sensitize employees to the need to sanitize their hands before opening the refrigerator. You can place a hand sanitizer on a table near the refrigerator to encourage employees to cleanse their hands before opening the refrigerator. Placing a hand sanitizer nearby is easy and is a quick way for employees to help prevent the transfer of bacteria.