If you are packing up your belongings to put them in storage, you want to make sure you pack your collectibles, fragile items and mementos in a way that protects and preserves them so you know they will be in the same condition when you take them out of storage. Follow the tips below to know you are packing your items correctly.

Packing your photographs

If you're packing photos not in albums then you want to put paper between each photo to prevent them from sticking together. Seal both your loose photos and your photo albums in tightly sealed plastic bags to prevent them from being exposed to any type of moisture. It is best if you get a climate controlled unit if you're going to be storing photos.

Packing your collectible items and fragile mementos

Put padding on the bottoms of the boxes to protect the items in the box. You can use towels if you don't have packing material. Take the time to wrap each item individually, preferably with bubble wrap. Don't use newspaper; it can rub off onto your items. Put padding in between the items when you place them into the box. Make sure you don't leave empty spaces in the box; this allows your items to shift and possibly break. Mark the box with the word "Fragile" on all four sides and the top.

Packing your fragile dishes

Use heavy-duty moving boxes for your dishes. Dishes are heavy, you want to make sure you don't put too many in a box and cause it to weigh too much. Put padding in between each plate and stack them on top of one another. Pack your bowls in the same fashion as the plates. Put packing materials inside your cups and glasses then wrap each one in more packing material, such as bubble wrap. Put packing material around all your cups and glasses, making sure you leave no empty spaces when you pack them in the box. Pack mugs so their handles aren't pressing against other dishes, this can cause them to crack from stress. Mark the box as "Fragile" on all sides and the top.

You want to make sure you take the extra effort to pack everything in a way that protects it during transport and while it is in storage. By following the tips in this article you can avoid unpacking damaged items when you get your stuff out of storage. Talk to your local storage experts, such as Allsafe & Storaway Self Storage, for more information.