A cleaning contract can be a great way to reduce costs to your business, and keep the offices clean. Usually, a professional office cleaning service will offer a contract for regular cleaning of your business. In this contract, you will know the frequency of the cleaning service, costs and other stipulations such as termination of a contract.

If you are thinking about a cleaning contract for your business, here are three things that you will want to know before you sign the dotted line:

1. Establishing The Frequency Of The Cleaning Service

Many cleaning services will offer these services at different intervals. You can have them come as few times as once a week if you have an office with little traffic. If you have an office that is busy and has many employees, you may want to have the cleaning service come at least two times a week.

You can have them come more often to ensure that your office is always clean, which you will want to have the frequency of the services written in the contract.

2. How Are You Going To Be Billed For Services

You also have the issue of billing of the cleaning services. Many smaller companies may want to be paid weekly or after they do the cleaning. With a professional office cleaning service, you may want to include the billing cycle in the contract. If it is better for your business, this can be a monthly bill that you pay like you would pay for any utilities such as electricity and water.

3 Fees For Extra Services Or Terminating A Contract  

Many contracts may have a termination clause that will require you to pay a fee if you terminate the contract. When you sign a contract, you will want to know for how long the contract is, and if there are any fees that you may be required to pay for terminating a contract.

You may want to talk to the cleaning service about any termination fees or other extra fees that may be included in the contract, such as cost of urgent or extra cleaning services that you may need for your office.

These are three things that you should know before you sign a contract for cleaning your office space. If you are looking for a service to help keep your office clean, contact a commercial cleaning service Paramount Janitorial Services for more help.