Getting rid of pests can be done using store bought pesticides, which is great for the exterior of your home. Getting rid of pests inside of your home can also be done with pesticides, but maybe you want to use a more natural, non-toxic method of getting rid of these pests. See below for natural remedies to get rid of some common household pests.


Ants can multiply quickly and before you know it, you have an entire army running through your kitchen and invading the food on your pantry shelves. Get rid of ants immediately with these natural remedies:

  • Use 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and add it to 2 cups of distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray the area where you see the ants in your home. They detest peppermint and will leave your home. You can also use this outside in your garden or on your flowers/plants.
  • Borax is another great way to get rid of ants. Add it to sugar and water, or use it in combination with jelly in a small container. It attracts ants and kills them as soon as they eat it. It's a great way to kill ants, but it is toxic to your pets and children if eaten.
  • Use chalk around your home to keep ants at bay. They will not cross a chalk line. You can crush chalk around the perimeter of your home, or draw a line around your doorways to keep them away.


If you have a problem with spiders, don't worry, they can be kept at bay as well with a few natural remedies.

  • Use four drops of a citrus scented essential oil and four drops of dish soap added to a spray bottle with water. Spray around your home for a safe way to get rid of those pesky spiders. Reapply each week if need be.
  • You can also use peppermint essential oil, vinegar and water in a spray bottle to get rid of spiders as well. 

Use these remedies outside on your children's play toys as well to keep those spiders away.


Keep flies from getting into your home by hanging zip-lock bags filled with water, and a penny inside near your door. The flies will stay away, as the bags of water create a reflection that is like a sensory overload for flies. It's great to use, especially when you have people going in and out of your home a lot.

These natural remedies are great to try, but if you have a bigger pest issue, and these natural remedies just aren't getting the job done, contact a pest control specialist. You may have nests in your home that need to be found and taken care of. A pest control specialist from a company like Bug Busters will be able to remove the nests to get rid of these and other insects for good.