If you have only one key to your car, you may want to get a second one made just in case you lose the only one you have. While getting a copy of a key used to be a simple task you could complete by visiting a hardware store, it is now a lot harder. This is especially true if you have a laser-cut key, which is a newer type of key used in many vehicles today.

What Is a Laser-Cut Key?

A laser-cut key is a key that is thicker than a traditional key, and most laser keys have a large slit down the center. These keys are often made in a way that you can insert them either way to open a car door or turn on a car. Laser keys are nice because the locks they are used in are harder to break into; however, getting a laser key copy made is not a cheap purchase.

Most laser-cut keys contain chips inside of them too, which makes it harder to get a copy. When you do get a copy made, the chip will have to be programmed in order for it to work.

How Can You Get Laser Keys?

To get a copy of your laser car key, you could go to a dealer that sells your brand of vehicle. For example, if you own a Volkswagen Jetta, you will need to visit a Volkswagen dealer. This dealer is not likely to have the ability to make the key for you there though. They will have to order the key, and it could cost well over $100. In fact, some dealers charge a lot more than this, especially if you also need the remote (key fob) for it too, which can cost $50 to $90 alone.

A cheaper way to get a replacement copy of your key is to visit a locksmith. The locksmith will be able to make the key for you as long as he or she has laser key cutting equipment, though this is not something that all locksmiths have yet.

If you lose your only car key, it could cost you a lot of money to get a new key for it, and it may take some time. Instead of taking this risk, call a locksmith like Big Red Locksmiths in your area today to find out if laser-cut keys are available and how much they cost.