Dealing with mosquitoes in and around your home can be frustrating, especially if they are constantly biting you and your family. In order to keep mosquitoes at bay, here are 3 helpful tips you can apply.

Vinegar Spray

First, you need to repel mosquitoes away by giving them a scent that is unpleasant. These pests are attracted to sweet smells and sweet things, so you need to counter these smells with a strong smell.

Vinegar is one of the best methods for repelling mosquitoes in and around your home because the smell is pungent, and it will wipe away any traces of sweetness that are around. To repel these pests, you just need to fill a spray bottle with distilled vinegar.

Next, spray it around your yard, on your patio furniture, and on your patio or deck. Also, you can spray your outdoor windows and the outside of your house.

While the vinegar smell will be strong for a few minutes, the scent will appear to be gone, at least for your nose. Mosquitoes, however, will still be able to smell the vinegar and will not be able to find the sweet scents. This means you can enjoy being outside without having to worry about getting bitten constantly.

Burning Herbs

Second, burn some herbs if you have a fire pit outside. The smell of herbs can be overwhelming to mosquitoes as well, and the smell will carry well if the herbs are burning in a fire.

Choose pungent herbs, such as rosemary, sage, and basil. These are quite savory, and they will be sure to keep a majority of the mosquitoes away. If you notice that some are starting to come back after a while, add some more herbs to the fire to intensify the smell again. You can repeat this process throughout the day or evening while you are outside.

Misting System

Lastly, consider adding a mosquito misting system. This is such a smart idea because you never have to spray or burn anything. The only downside is that the system costs a bit more, and you may need to have a pest control company install it for you.

The good news is that you can set the misting system so that it will run every few minutes. The system will release a spray that will deter mosquitoes from coming near your home. This is ideal, especially if you are going to be outside almost every day or evening when these pests are rampant.

By doing these 3 things, you can get rid of mosquitoes, or at least keep them away from your home so that you can enjoy being outdoors. Contact a company like Affordable Pest Control Inc. for more tips