Many of the manufactured homes today look absolutely beautiful, and they come with many, if not all, of the features that most stick built homes have. Manufactured homes are also generally quicker to have transported onto a foundation and they are also normally cheaper, so many people are enticed by the option of getting one. The only thing that makes them hesitate is the fact that they want their manufactured home to closely resemble a home that is stick built.

This article will discuss 3 ways to make your manufactured home look more like a stick built home. 

1. Place The Manufactured Home Over A Basement Foundation

If you have always wanted to have a basement, but also want a manufactured home, then you can have the best of both worlds. You will simply need to have a basement built into the foundation that you are having created for your manufactured home. Then once this basement foundation is complete, you will have your modular home put in place on top of it.

A few modifications will need to be made to the floor plan of the modular home to create access to the basement, but this is very doable, and your contractor shouldn't have trouble making this happen for you.

2. Add Brick Or Stone To The Foundation

Since your manufactured home is placed on top of the foundation, there is often a thick area of cement showing that goes all along the base of the manufactured home. This thick layer of cement is often unsightly, and quickly identifies a home as a manufactured one.

To avoid this, you can have brick or stone put over this cement. Not only will the brick or stone cover the unsightly cement foundation, but it will also add a beauty and personalization to your manufactured home that you didn't have before. 

3. Build A Garage

Most stick built homes come with a garage, and this is a big purchasing factor for many people. If this is the only thing stopping you from getting a manufactured home, then you have nothing to worry about because you can simply build one onto your manufactured home.

The contractor that you hire to build your garage can match the color and design of your garage to your home, and it can be as large as you would like. This garage can be directly attached to your home, or it can be located right by it, depending on your preference.