If you are planning on going on vacation soon, you might be concerned about keeping your home safe. After being sure you let someone trustworthy know you are leaving so they can check on your home, there are a few more things you can do to keep burglars away. Here are four easy ways to keep your home safe while you are gone.

Improve All Your Locks

If you can slow down a burglar's attempt to break into your home, it might be enough for a neighbor to notice them and call police or for them to get frustrated and give up. One way to slow them down is by improving the locks you have around your home. For any entrance doors, make sure you have deadbolt locks installed. These locks tend to be more difficult to break into. Also make sure all windows and sliding glass doors not only have locks, but that you lock the tracks with bars or pieces of wood. If you have a garage attached to your home, disable the garage door opener.

Deter Criminals

You can keep criminals from even attempting to break into your home by deterring them with some careful preparations. Start by trimming all large shrubs and trees in your front and back yard, and anywhere near your home. Tall trees might be used by a burglar who intends to break through an upper-floor window. Bushes and trees in front of your house should also be kept trimmed neatly, as this will prevent the criminal from having somewhere to hide on your property. Also install outside lights and keep them turned on, or install motion sensors on the lights.

Keep Your Valuables Locked Up

If you have valuables in your home, such as jewelry or collectible coins, keep them locked up and hidden out of sight. This gives you peace of mind and extra protection for your most valuable items. Look for safes for sale that are fireproof and have locks that a criminal can't get into. Locks that take electronic codes are a great option, though most safes are secure enough. Store your valuables in the safe, then find an inconspicuous spot in your home to hide the safe.

Don't Announce Your Trip Publicly

Make sure you don't announce that you are going on a trip. Take plenty of pictures while you are gone and wait until you return before you start uploading them. If you let everyone know publicly on social media, your house could become a target for intruders. Also don't share pictures of your vacation while you are gone, as this is another dead giveaway that your home might be vacant.