Spring is a time when the housing market begins to heat up again after the doldrums of winter. Homeowners will be able to present their property to potential buyers without all of that snow getting in the way. But if you want your home to be a step ahead of the competition on the market, you'll need to do more than just wait for the ice to melt. Here are 3 tips to make sure your home is ready to hit the market looking great.

Get the Greenery Going

Winter can leave your front yard or the garden in the back looking barren. If you want your home to make a great first impression, don't wait around until summer to get your yard looking great again. Get a professional to help you remove any debris lingering in the yard and then get to work replenishing your grass and other shrubbery as soon as the weather is warm enough to support it.

Wash Winter Away

Depending on what type of material you have along the exterior of your house, it's not uncommon for winter to do some damage to the appeal of your home. If your home has vinyl that looks like it's faded or covered in salt and grime, get a professional to help you scrub the dirt away. If you are serious about selling your home, you may even want to get replacement vinyl if the existing exterior has a lot of wear and tear. Brick houses won't stain as easily, but could likely still use a good washing in spots. 

Don't Forget to Go Up Top

While your yard and the home's exterior will likely be the first two things you notice when you begin your post-winter inspection, don't forget to check on an area of your home you can't as easily see. Your roof may very likely have some debris left over from the winter, as well as your gutter or downspout system. This is always a spot that every homeowner should check in the spring, even if the home is not going up for sale.

Getting your home ready for the real estate market in the spring often entails some amount of property clean up. Contact a professional property cleaning company, like Seabreeze Property Services, for help cleaning your home. Make sure your home's exterior as well as the rest of the property are ready to make a great first impression and you'll likely find a buyer sooner rather than later.