If you plan to look for a new rental apartment or home by searching the local ads, you may want to reconsider. It's safer to use a legitimate property management company instead. If you don't use a property management company, you may be at risk for real estate scams. Real estate scammers may use false images and pictures to obtain your personal information, including bank accounts. They may even ask you for money without showing you the properties they claim to own or represent. Here are two things a professional and legitimate property management company won't ask you to do. 

Fax or Email Your Personal and Financial Information 

Real estate scammers may ask you to fax or email copies of your personal and financial information prior to completing a rental application. The scammers may even send a fake application form to your personal or business email address. A legitimate rental property company won't ask you to complete an application or send information by email.

A true property management company will want you to complete a rental application through their professional and secure real estate site online. If you live within driving distance of the company's office, you can complete your rental application in person. 

Once you complete your application, the property managers may run credit checks to see if you qualify for monthly rental specials or discounts. If the managers require additional information before they offer you the specials, such as a former landlord's name and contact number, then they may ask you to fax or email them what they need. 

Request That You Wire Money

Your legitimate property managers won't request rental deposits, holding fees or application fees by wire, even if you need to pay extra due to a poor credit history. Real estate scammers may also request large sums of money as a way to hold property they don't own or manage. 

The only time the property management team may request money before they approve you for your apartment or home is to pay for the application fee. The application fee covers the administrative costs to run checks on your background, credit and past rental history. In this case, the property managers may have you sign a form that states the purpose of the application fee and why.

If you want to find your next dream home or apartment without the fear of being scammed, contact your property management company, like CNY Property Management, today.