Selling your home may not seem like a major task, but doing it well and completing the sale quickly will require more than just the listing services of a real estate firm like The Gresham Group. Further, having some of the necessary services lined up for prospective buyers can actually add value to your listing and drive more interest your way. To get started though, make sure your home is presented in the most favorable way possible.


Various independent contractors can help you positively present your home to potential buyers, so start by having essentials inspected. HVAC, plumbing and electrical lines should all be checked for problems that could potentially cause a sale to fall through, as well as the roof and foundation. By having the individual trades professionals inspect their area of expertise there will be less chance that major problems go unnoticed.

Rather than only inspecting and fixing problems, you can also do some minor improvements that will have a positive impact when viewed in person. Fresh paint has a substantial impact on buyers, and when done professionally, it gives a home a new feel. It may not cost you much, but it will add perceived value for potential buyers.

Professional Services

Once any repairs are completed and improvements are done, bring in an appraisal service to provide a maximum listing price you can start from. While your neighborhood, nearby amenities and the state of nearby houses will impact the result, the overall state of your home will carry considerable weight too. This will help you avoid overpricing your home and minimize your guess work when listing it for sale.

Finally, when all is said and done, a real estate attorney will need to oversee the transfer of ownership and review all the documents involved. You can save yourself some of the closing costs by retaining your own attorney in advance. As with home inspections, prospective buyers will appreciate the reduction of their own costs due to your forethought, and this may draw more potential buyers your way.

Unless you're intimately familiar with your local housing market, and have the time, experience or know-how to market your home to the right buyers, work with a real estate agent when selling your home. They'll have a vested interest in getting you the best sale price for your home, and may be able to refer you to high quality contractors and professional services too.