Are you looking for an efficient way to manage the apartment complex that you recently took over? You might want to invest in property management software because it can make your job a lot easier, depending on the specific software that you get. Find out in this article about a few of the helpful feature you should look for when purchasing property management software for running an apartment complex.

Make Communication for Tenants Easier

If you intend on spending a lot of time out of the office, it can be frustrating for tenants if they can never reach you. Property management software will allow tenants to request maintenance repairs online. You can view the requests from anywhere that you are and then contact the maintenance staff to get the repairs done. Tenants will also be able to request rent payment extensions or pay their rent via the management software. Another great feature is that your tenants can file complaints against other tenants without talking to you directly, such as for noise or keeping a dirty apartment that is causing roaches.

Keep Better Track of Lease Agreements

All of the vital information that you need for each tenant can be stored via property management software. For instance, if you have received several complaints about a specific tenant, you can keep notes via the software in case eviction is necessary. You will also have easy access to lease agreements if you need to quickly locate one as evidence for an eviction case. Photographs of damaged property can also be uploaded to a tenants file in case they are needed in court. The software will also keep track of when each lease agreement is coming to end, so you will always know when to speak to tenants about signing a new lease.

Make Sure That Vacant Apartments are Quickly Rented

One of the most important jobs of a property manager is to make sure there is a steady flow of income flowing in for the owner. Property management software will allow you to make applying for an apartment easier for potential tenants. The software will make it possible for applications to be filled out online, which is convenient for a potential tenant who is always too busy to get a paper application during office hours. You can also show the specific floor plans and apartments that are available via the software. For more information, contact a company like