Moving to a new home using a professional moving service can take the heavy lifting out of the process. The pros will typically be responsible for loading and unloading your stuff and taking care of transport. However, ensuring that some of your stuff doesn't get lost during the move requires careful planning. Read on to learn how to make sure all your belongings are properly inventoried and delivered to your new home.

Make an inventory sheet

This is basically a list of all the items to be moved. Take time to create a detailed list of all items that are to be loaded to the truck, with each item having a tag number that is reflected on the sheet. You can add photos and notes of the items to the inventory sheet so you can easily prove damage if necessary after the move. Once all items are delivered in good condition, you will then sign the list and authorize payment for service.

If you have items of high value, such as paintings or jewelry, prepare a separate high-value inventory sheet with the tag numbers of each item listed clearly. It would also be ideal to let the movers pack delicate valuable items themselves, as they probably have the expertise to do so correctly so as to prevent damage.

Checking the inventory sheet

The next step to ensuring everything gets delivered is to go through the inventory sheet as the truck is unloaded at your new home.

To be thorough, assign yourself the task of crossing off each item off the inventory sheet as the movers bring them into your home. Posting yourself at the door to allow only one mover to come in at a time could give you enough time to find each item on the list.

If anything is missing, bring it to the attention of the move supervisor so it can be traced to their company office or located in the truck. For items that can't be found, you will need to file a claim with the mover's insurer later on.

After the moving service leaves, take time to unpack the moving boxes and examine all items for damage. Photos and notes in the inventory sheet can help you determine whether an item is in its original state. It is important that you file a claim for damaged items as soon as you can before any of the items are used or deteriorate further.