Real estate agents are always pointing out how important location is when it comes to homes for sale. If you can showcase your neighborhood during an open house as well, you can sell your home on potential inside and out. Here are four things you can do to play up your neighborhood when selling your home.

1. Play up Nearby Features

Your home is in a great location with lots of amenities for people to enjoy. The thing is, those visiting your home might not be familiar with everything nearby that is on offer. Have pictures of parks and lakes nearby in your listing and have a map available at your open house showcasing how close perks are to your home.

2. Notify Your Neighbors

If you love your neighbors but are moving because of a job or other reason, get them involved in your open house. If neighbors can stop by and sing the neighborhood's praises, potential homebuyers will begin to feel what it would be like to be in the area. They can warm up to neighbors and ask any questions about the surrounding area as well.

3. Clean Up Your Immediate Block

If you can get your block looking as nice as your yard, you will increase your curb appeal even more. If there are municipal issues such as potholes or public landscaping needing work, get started early by calling the city to come out and get work done. If your neighbors aren't the best at landscaping, offer to mow lawns or trim trees in order to spruce up your entire street before an open house.

4. Easy to Follow Directions

If an open house is hard to find, potential home buyers might already be cursing small street signs and the wrong turn they made on the way. If there are a lot of twists and turns getting to your property, have open house signs well in advance with balloons or other markers to help. While GPS systems are a big help these days, some people still need old fashioned help finding destinations. The extra signage will make your home seem less off the beaten path.

While your home should be ready to show on the inside as well, a great way to set your home apart from others is by boasting its great location. Holding open homes in the spring time on warm, sunny afternoons can make your neighborhood inviting on top of other behind-the-scenes work you have put into place.