Sometimes homes for sale will focus on the interior of the home and leave the exterior features up to house hunters to suss out on their own.  Even if you will be spending most of your time inside your home, there is a lot to be said about a home's location and curb appeal. Here are for external home factors to keep on your house hunting radar.

1. Maintenance and Upkeep on Decks

If you are at an open house that is great on the inside but there is little mention or guidance on exterior decks or balconies, it is worth an inquiry. Sometimes decks have been condemned, but instead of fixing these, sellers will leave this up to new owners to deal with. Make sure you find out disclosures available on all decks, balconies, and external stairs before falling in love with a home.

2. Exterior Buildings on Properties

While a home might boast having additional buildings on the property, it is important to make sure these are all that they are cracked up to be. While a listing might mention possible studio options, exterior buildings might need a lot of work to be livable. It is also important to understand investment properties that might have existing tenants and what their rights are.

3. Age and Health of Trees

If you are looking at older, more established neighborhoods, be sure to check out the long range viability of existing trees. If you have always wanted a home lined with oak trees, having a yard reviewed by a tree specialist might be a good idea. The last thing you want is to sign off on a home and then find out that all of the old growth trees need to be removed.

4. Size and Location of Lot

While you might fall in love with the interior of a home, if this is on a busy corner or on a hillside that rarely gets sun, you will need to decide what you can live with. If you are hoping for a larger yard or more space for landscaping, don't drop this priority just because the inside of a home has everything you want. It is important to remind yourself what might bother you over time about a home's location, lot size, or home placement.

House hunting can be exhausting. After looking at five open houses on a Sunday, it can be hard to focus and keep all of your deal breakers in mind. You may have some limitations when it comes to your exterior renovation budget or a small yard might not be something you can live with. Be honest with yourself and your needs when it comes to exterior factors of homes on the market. To learn more about homes for sale in your area, contact a company like EXIT Lakes Realty Premier