Preparing your home and family for a possible burglary or attack may not be pleasant, but it is important today due to the increase of crime around the world. This preparation may involve installing security systems or taking defense classes, but many households are purchasing guns for home defense. If you are part of the 41 percent of households in the United States that own a gun, ensuring that your gun is stored in a convenient and safe manner is key. Using these tips, you will know what elements are essential when purchasing a safe for your gun.

Secure, Yet Accessible Lock

A gun is only effective if you are able to access it quickly during an emergency. However, if you have children in the home, locking up your gun in truly secure manner is imperative to prevent accidents. Fortunately, locks for your gun safe can be secure while also being accessible when necessary.

Many safes offer a number pad, combination, or key lock, but a lock with a combination of these elements is also an option. These locks are difficult for children to use and they are complicated and time-consuming enough to deter thieves.

A biometric lock allows you to open your safe quickly using a quick swipe of your finger. Using a biometric lock will only allow your fingerprint to open the safe, but it is a safe and secure locking option for your gun safe.

Fire Resistance

You most likely spent a good amount of money on your gun, so it is important to invest in a quality safe with a high resistance to fire. When choosing your safe, focus on its fire rating.

Most safe manufacturers install a layer of fireboard that is similar to drywall. The board contains a small amount of moisture, which is released out of the safe when heated. If a fire occurs in your home, this layer of moisture will dissipate out of the safe, ensuring its interior contents remain cool and safe.

The thicker the fireboard, the longer the safe and its interior contents will be safe during a fire. Most homeowners will choose a safe that offers fire protection for up to 30 minutes. This is usually a sufficient amount of time for firetrucks to arrive and put out a fire.


While surprising to learn, humidity inside your gun safe can cause moisture to build up on and in your gun. An excess amount of moisture on your gun will not only cause it to rust, but it also increases the risk of misfiring. This can be very dangerous if you need to use your gun in an emergency, life-threatening situation

The relative humidity inside your safe should measure around 50 percent. Utilize a dehumidifier to remove moisture from inside your safe, reducing the risk of damage to your guns.  

Owning a gun is becoming common in most homes, so you should learn how to store your guns properly. With this guide, you will know what features to look for when investing in a gun safe. 

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