For many people, their home ownership dream is building a home out in the country. Not everyone is suited for city life or living in a cookie cutter house in the suburbs. Some people want to live off-grid, but most want to continue to have modern conveniences. Before you purchase your little slice of rural paradise, you will want to discuss with your real estate agent which utilities are available on the property.


Check to see if public water is available or if you will need to rely on a well. Drilling for a well is an additional expense, and you will only be able to get a rough estimate from the well drilling company as they won't know how many feet they will have to drill before they reach the water table. Talk to nearby neighbors to see what their experience is and to get an idea of the water quality or any issues they might be aware of.

Natural Gas

It is common for natural gas to not be available in very rural areas. Obviously one doesn't have to have natural gas to cook and heat their home, but it is usually less expensive than relying solely on electric. Propane is the usual alternative, which requires a large tank in your yard.


Having electricity is the one utility that most people can't live without. Solar energy is an option, and while it will potentially save you money in the long run, it can cost more initially to set up and purchase the necessary equipment and appliances that can use this form of power.


Having access to the world wide web is a necessity for most people nowadays. This is especially important if you plan on working from home. Many companies require your internet connection to be a specific speed. Check what internet service providers are available before you buy.

Once you have determined which utilities are available, you'll need to see exactly where they are available. If you think you have found the perfect homestead spot and can picture your home overlooking the creek that runs through the back of your property, you will need to make sure the utility in question will actually reach that far. Most utility companies will only go so many feet from the road, which means you would be responsible for the additional cost of getting it to your house. Depending on the expense, you may not get the exact home site you want.

Utilities are just one of many questions that must be addressed before buying a piece of rural property. While you can buy property on your own, it is best to consult with a qualified real estate professional.