Many people who are on the market to purchase a home are purchasing a house with their family. Many families are looking for a big yard, a big kitchen, and a lot of rooms. If you are purchasing a home for yourself and your dog, your wish list is likely to look a little different. Here are some of the home features that you should look for if you are buying a home for yourself and your dog. 

Closed concept kitchen

Having a big kitchen can always be a good thing. Whether you care about your kitchen size or not, a closed concept kitchen can be a good idea. A closed concept kitchen can be a large kitchen with a clear barrier of entry, or it can be a galley kitchen that has space enough for one or two people. If you have a rule about keeping your dog out of the kitchen, a closed concept kitchen with a clear barrier of entry will give your dog a clear stopping point. Not having your dog walk around the kitchen will also allow the room to remain sanitary with less cleaning time. 

Well-insulated walls

You and your dog should feel comfortable enough to play, bark, and get excited within your abode. If your dog has a loud bark or tends to get excited, make sure you invest in a home with well-insulated walls. The good insulation will allow you to play with your dog and allow your dog to bark without disturbing neighbors. If the walls are not properly insulated, you can change the insulation after you have moved in to be sure that no one will hear your animal. 

Highly walkable community

When you are house hunting, you will need take a walk around the block. Notice how much grass and how much sidewalk the neighborhood has. If you have a dog of any size, you will need to allow them to walk around for exercise. Picking up dog poop on a walk is also a little easier than cleaning up a backyard after allowing your dog to use the restroom there. Make sure that the neighborhood that you select has a large amount of sidewalks that lead around the community. If no sidewalks exist, it can be next to impossible to head out for exercise with your pup. Your dog will thank you and so will your steady home value.