If you want to sell your home, and you want to be sure that you get a good price for it without having to leave it on the market for months, you have to find the best agency in the area. There are a lot of agencies that have websites and post advertisements, but you need a real estate agency that is on point with the latest marketing options available. When you interview different agents or agencies and are ready to pick a broker, be sure to talk with them about these things.

Social Media Marketing Options

One of the easiest ways to get your house seen by people is to have it posted and shared on social media. Not only do you want a real estate agent or agency that has a large social media following, but you also want an agency that pays for ads. These ads will target people that are scrolling through their social media and looking for homes in your area.

Virtual Tours and Professional Photography

Find a real estate agency that does virtual tours of the houses they're listing. This allows a potential buyer to see a house as if they were going through a showing of the property, instead of just seeing pictures of it. The agency should have someone that can take the panoramic photos as well as shoot a quality video to best maximize the views of the property.

Price Drops and Commission Expectations

If you have to drop the price on your property because it isn't selling and because the real estate agency overpriced it when it was listed on the market, are they willing to drop the commission on the listing as well? You could miss out on a lot of showings and potential buyers if the house is overpriced, and you want to know that the agency would be willing to compensate financially.

There are a lot of different ways that you can get people interested in your property, but you're paying a real estate professional to list your property when you list with an agency, and you want them to follow the latest real estate trends. Talk with the agency about all three of these things and any other concerns you have when you are ready to sell, and be sure the agency knows what you want to get for the property and what you expect to get.