It's possible to find yourself in a wide range of situations that require you to look for housing — including some situations that you might not have seen coming. In some of these situations, speaking to a real estate agent about a furnished home for rent can be a smart idea. These residences might not be as prevalent in your community as unfurnished rental units, but your real estate professional will be able to track some down and set up some showings for you. With each home already stocked with furniture and other essentials, all you'll need to do is move in with your personal effects. Here are some specific times that you can turn to renting a furnished home.

After A Separation Or Divorce

In some separations and divorces, the two people will divide their possessions equally. In other cases, however, this isn't the case. If your partner or spouse brought virtually everything to your shared home, it's unreasonable for you to take half. In this situation, you may find yourself without much furniture, and also without the budget to buy a bunch of new items. Turning to a furnished rental house can be valuable in this scenario. You won't have to worry about shopping for things, and you'll have a suitable place to stay until you can get back on your feet.

During An Extensive Renovation

Most renovations won't require you to move from your home, but this can occasionally be the case during an extensive project. For example, if your home had a major flood, contractors might spend several weeks cleaning up the mess and bringing your home back to the way it was. A short-term rental home that is furnished can be the answer in this time. You won't want to move your furniture into an empty rental unit, and the furniture might be damaged from the floor and unusable, anyway. Your agent can find you a furnished home for rent that accepts short-term tenants, giving you a perfect place to stay until the renovations are complete.

When A Loved One Is In The Hospital

When someone close to you is dealing with a lengthy hospital stay, traveling back and forth between your home and the hospital can be taxing when the distance is considerable. In this scenario, it might be worth exploring if your agent can find a furnished home for rent near the hospital. This can provide you with a place to rest when you're not sitting bedside and will be more cost-effective than staying at a hotel near the hospital.