Having a large family is a blessing you have always wanted, and you welcome the close-knit feel of your growing brood. While your situation may be unique with most of Americans saying that 2 children is the ideal, you love having a large brood and the chaos that can come with it. You want the best for your kids, and living in a beautiful and spacious home in a welcoming neighborhood has been your dream for years. As you search for your new home, keep the needs of your large family in mind so you can find a place to call home and build memories in for many years. Here are qualities in a property you can enjoy for your larger family.

Finished basement

A finished basement allows your older children to live downstairs while you can keep your younger kids close. Teens love to have their privacy and need a place where they can interact with their friends or do their homework in peace. Choosing to buy a home with a finished basement can allow them to feel like they have their own space away from pesky, younger siblings while still being part of the family. The living area in the basement can be a family or game room, or it can be sectioned off so kids have a quiet place to study.

Open floor plan

A home with an open floor plan can offer more space and make the interior of your home feel less crowded. Choose a home that has an open space from the living room to the kitchen and dining area so the busiest parts of your home are welcoming and easy to access. Open floor plans also make adding onto your home easier when you need more bedrooms as your children grow. More private rooms, such as a home office and bathrooms, can be tucked away in hallways to offer a more classic home design you can appreciate.

In addition to an open floor plan, you will want a home with patio doors so you can access the outdoors easily. A wraparound porch or large patio allows your children easy access to the outdoors even if they don't want to actively play out in the yard and can feel like an extension of your home.

Large, fenced in yard

You want to have a safe place where your children can play, so seek a home that has a fully fenced front and back yard. If you can, buy a home that has a corner lot, as these kinds of home typically have larger yards and limit the amount of immediate neighbors you have. Buying a home away from main busy roads as well can give you a greater sense of security while your children are playing outside.