When you place an offer on a home, often it's wise to say the offer is contingent upon a clean home inspection. Any red flags that arise from having the home professionally looked at from top to bottom can then be negotiated out of the asking price of the home, or you can have your offer be based on repairing any issues that are found. Even if the home has been inspected prior to being placed on the market, you still want to get your own inspection for peace of mind and buyer's confidence. When you are having a home inspected that you are interested in, here are 3 things you need to do.

Don't pay for the inspection

Make the inspection part of the cost the seller assumes as part of your home-buying deal. Just like you can make an offer with expectations of the seller, you can also expect them to pay for the inspection as well. If the seller balks, which is not likely unless they have many other offers waiting for them, then explain to them that any minor problems discovered by the inspector will be paid for repair-wise by you when you buy and you will only expect the seller to renegotiate their asking price if major issues are known.

Pick your own inspector

As the person requesting that the house be inspected for soundness, you have the right to choose the inspector. This way, you are more likely to get a non-biased report and can feel more confident in anything that is found out. Ask for a sample report of any inspector you are considering before having them do the work so you can see how experienced and thorough they are with their job.

Be present

You want to be there when the home inspector arrives at the home so you can make sure they are inspecting all the areas you have concerns about. Make sure they check all the pipes to ensure they are up to code and not leaking, the heating and cooling compartments of the home are in working order, there are no signs of a rodent or insect issue, and the home is not prone for leaking or flooding. When you went through the house initially, you likely noticed areas of concern, such as a sagging roof or cracks in the walls, that you want to have addressed. Since you will be making a large home purchase, you absolutely want to be there when the inspection is done.

For more information and tips, talk with a home inspecting company, like AccuPro Inspection Services, directly.