If you have fallen in love with a house that's located in a gated community and you have never lived in one before, then you want to make sure you imagine what it would really be like to live in one before you put an offer on a place. The best way to imagine this is to educate yourself on the good and the bad of living in such an environment. Here are some of the things you'll want to consider:

Pro: A gated community offers you security—One of the biggest benefits of moving into a home that's located behind a gate is the added level of security you and your family will get to live with. Random passersby won't be able to simply enter the neighborhood and do as they please, which may include doing things like stealing or vandalizing property.

In a gated community, you will need to enter a code or swipe a special card to gain entrance into the neighborhood. Visitors will need to announce themselves by punching in a code that will ring your phone, so you can choose to allow them in.

Pro: A gated community offers low to no-traffic streets—Another big perk to living in a gated community is knowing that your streets will only be visited by others that live in the community and those visiting residents. This causes there to be a lot fewer cars on the streets, making it easier for you to enjoy quiet and safe walks, allowing the kids to walk the neighborhood safer and provides you with a quieter living environment in general.

Pro: A gated community can cater to your lifestyle—If you like to have guests over to entertain, or you like to be friendly with your neighbors, then you'll be glad to know that a lot of gated communities have some fantastic perks like tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, basketball courts, community parks and more.

Pro: A gated community has houses that are well-maintained—Gated communities will have standards in place that ensure that the home owners stay on top of the condition of their home's exterior and maintain the yards. This helps give you a great looking community to live in.

Con: A gated community will have HOA fees—When you move into a gated community you will need to factor in the cost of paying HOA fees. However, these fees do go toward the upkeep of the community.

Con: A gated community will have rules you must follow—When you live in a gated community, you and your other household members will need to be prepared to follow the rules of that community.

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