When you decide to put your house on the market one of the best pieces of advice you may get may be to get yourself a real estate agent. You might not realize just how difficult you can make the entire experience if you decide to forego an agent. Also, you will be decreasing your chances of a fast sale and getting the price that you want. Along with getting an agent, there are other things you can do that can help things go smoothly.

Stage your home appropriately if you are living in it

If you will continue to live in your home while it is being shown, you want to do your best to stage it while continuing to keep it livable for you. Remove all the clutter and obvious personal belongings you can. Also, switch anything that shows a strong taste of decorating to more neutral options when possible. Another thing you want to do is to try to incorporate some of the current season into your staging. For example, if the agent is showing the home in the winter, you want to really spruce up the fireplace area and maybe even have a nice fire lit when people show up. However, during spring time you want to focus more on displaying springtime colors and even a few vases of hypoallergenic flowers here and there. Staging for the season can help a home to feel cozier to perspective buyers.

Keep the grass green and try to cut it before a showing

If you have a bit of warning about when someone will be coming to look at your place, then you may want to hold off on cutting the grass for a day or so. This way, you can cut it the day before they arrive to look at the place. There is something about the look and smell of a freshly cut green lawn that can really draw people to it.

Make sure you don't exaggerate with regards to what your home has to offer

While your agent will write a description of your home and list it, you may also feel compelled to advertise your house as well. However, if you do decide to do some advertising on your own, it's a really good idea for you to show your listing to your agent before you post it anywhere. If you end up embellishing on certain things then it can end up doing more harm than good. Your agent may suggest for you to remove things from your listing that they feel won't work out well and they may even suggest you add a few things in that can really help.