Whether you sell remodeling packages or vacuums, there are certain sales jobs where you have to get up close and personal with your customers. While visiting different homes throughout the day allows you to enjoy a sense of adventure, this type of work environment can also bring along a few risks. Unfortunately, you can pick up a pest infestation if you spend large amounts of time in a person's home and one happens to hitch a ride on your clothing. For this reason, it is best to already know how to deal with a bedbug infestation in case one occurs.

1. Try to Catch Infestations Early

Bedbugs are known for rapidly reproducing. While they typically stick near your sleeping area, they can spread through the house and inhabit couches, carpet, and other household furnishings that provide a cozy little hiding place. Ideally, bedbug extermination should begin at the earliest sign of a problem so that the insects do not have time to become widespread. Always be alert to warning signs such as waking up to bite marks on your skin. Bedbugs often feed in a short line of two to three spots, which might help you distinguish their bites from other types of insects. You should also be wary of black specks on your bedding that could be dried blood or bedbug feces. 

2. Choose Professional Extermination

You may hear about all kinds of DIY ways to get rid of bedbugs. However, many over-the-counter sprays and natural home remedies just don't do the trick. This is because bedbugs often hide in areas where the spray may not reach such as beneath the carpet. A bedbug extermination service includes a thorough inspection that makes sure that every nook and cranny of the infested area is treated. The good news is that this method also allows you to keep your things since it can be used to treat even clothing and mattresses.

3. Know How to Prevent a Second Infestation 

Naturally, you can't just stop going to customers' houses due to one bad experience. Once your house is bedbug-free, take steps to prevent this problem from occurring again. For example, you might choose to wear disposable shoe covers when you enter a house. The customers will appreciate you taking care of their floors, even if you know the real reason why you are wearing them. You should also do a quick check of your clothing before you get in your car to make sure that an errant bug is not trying to ride home with you