Whether you are looking to build your dream home or you want a large piece of land for recreational purposes, it's time to find a local real estate agent to work with. You will want to know what acreage is available for purchase in the area and what the specific parameters are for the land you are interested in. Zoning could be an issue, especially if you hope to purchase acreage for a new business venture. When you know what you want to do with the land, your real estate agent will be able to match you with properties in the area that will be suitable for your needs.

When You Want to Open a Business

You may need a large piece of land to open up a driving range and snack shop, for example. You will need to check with local zoning laws to make sure that you can have this type of business on the land you have identified. Even if the land isn't currently zoned for commercial use, you may be able to apply for a variance to use the land as you want. Check with your real estate agent about local variances to see if this is a possibility.

Building Your Dream Home

You may be looking for acreage for purchase in order to build a large estate. While you may find a perfect piece of land, it may not suitable for building. Some land doesn't pass the testing necessary to build on, and can only be used for things like farming or recreational vehicles. Once you find a large acreage for purchase that you can build on, you are on your way to having the home of your dreams. 

Property for Recreational Use

If you are a person that wants to grow food, or is looking to find property to ride recreational vehicles, you may be able to find a large piece of land for sale that is zoned for recreational use only. If the property can't be built on, it may be less expensive and a good deal for you. The right property can give you the opportunities you want to enjoy your hobbies.

Finding the perfect acreage for purchase can take time. Work with a real estate agent to see what all of your options are. When you know how you want to use a property, your agent will be able to match you with land that is viable.