You can build a new home just about anywhere there is a piece of open and undeveloped property for sale. You have to buy the property first, and then build the house after that. However, there are other ways of getting a brand new home as well as a piece of property. The following are some good options for acquiring new homes for sale.

New Subdivisions

With new subdivisions, contractors or real estate investors have purchased massive parcels of land. These parcels of land are usually former acres of farmland, but they can be open country that nobody has done anything with either. The new owners then divide the property up into smaller parcels, creating a map of how the parcels are divided and their boundaries.

People like yourself come through, look at the available parcels of land, choose one they want for the price they are willing to pay, and then buy that parcel. The agreement for your purchase of a subdivision parcel is that you will, sometime in the next two years, build a house on it. The new owners of all of these properties often have referrals to contractors that have already agreed to build houses on other parcels of land and these contractors would be more than happy to build your home to suit you. 

New Gated Communities

Gated communities are similar to new subdivisions in that the property is all divided up and ready for sale. The biggest differences between these two new home purchases is that gated communities frequently already have homes built on individual properties, and that your home and property are protected by a wall, a front gate into the community, and lots of security. All you have to do is tour the available homes, check out the available properties, and select which one you would like to buy. You can purchase your property just as you would any other established home with a down payment and mortgage, but here you can move right into your new home with no wait for any contractor to build it. 


If you want a new home, but you do not want all the maintenance that comes with full home ownership, consider a brand new condo. Condos give you all the benefits of home ownership, but without the yard maintenance and no repair bills when something breaks in your condo. It is home ownership simplified.