Real estate investing is all about finding a property and reselling it or using it in some way to make a profit. Buying large tracts of undeveloped land looks like a good way to invest in a way to get a return, but there are certain questions you should ask yourself before making real estate investments.

Do you have the money to develop the land?

Buying undeveloped land with the expectation to turn around and resell it to make a profit without doing anything to it is really unfeasible. Unless you just happen to come across a large tract of highly desirable land at the right time and get it for a good price, you will likely not be able to make much profit without putting a little money into the property. Of course, developing land so that it is suitable for commercial, agricultural, or residential use can take some money. For example, if you buy a tract of land that has no public water access, running water lines and paying to get connected to city water or installing a well will take money. It is best to only do this kind of real estate investing if you already have the funds available to do what needs to be done.

Can the property be divided into tracts?

When buying a large tract of land that boasts several acres, you have to remember that it can be far harder to sell a large tract than it would be to sell several smaller tracts. Large land tracts are more costly and only certain kinds of buyers need or want that much property. If the land comes along with restrictions that it cannot be divided or if the land cannot be logically divided, it may not be a worthy investment. 

Will the land serve good purposes to prospective buyers?

This is one of the biggest questions to ask before you buy a piece of property that has not been developed. If the property is not in an area where it would be desirable, it can be hard to sell it to make a profit even if you do work to develop it. For example, a large tract of land that you take the time to connect to public water and gas supplies, install a meter base for power, and have dozing done to clear the wooded areas may look good for certain purposes, but it still also has to be in a desirable place.

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