Are you in the market for a high-end home? When shopping for an abode that goes beyond the ordinary, many homebuyers think that what they are looking for is a custom home. But in fact, luxury homes and custom homes may be very different things. Here's what separates a true luxury property from the more standard alternative.

Luxury Homes Are Unique

When most builders or sellers refer to a house as a 'custom' home, it generally means that the home was begun as one of a pool of floor plans which was then altered to fit the particular interests of the buyer. While the shapes of windows, the addition of rooms, or types of appliances may be different, the house is based on a common design. A true luxury home, though, is crafted originally from the ground up instead of 'retrofitted'. 

Luxury Homes Show Innovation

Luxury isn't just about comfort or swimming pools. The home should also show creativity in the building and design process as well as forward-thinking. This could be anything from a whole-home automation system to advanced energy-efficient design. 

Luxury Homes Come With Space

A large and enjoyable home should be matched by a large and enjoyable amount of space outside. The amount of land around a truly luxurious house varies depending on where it's placed, but it should feel generous in comparison with those around it. If you feel hemmed in when looking outside, the level of comfort inside may not be enough to compensate. 

Luxury Homes Are Quality

Look beyond the surface to see how well your home is made. Because a luxury home is a large investment, you should expect high-quality materials throughout the property. Custom homes, unfortunately, are often made at a level of quality known as 'builders grade'—which generally means a nice look but built with more standard materials. 

Luxury Homes Are Tailored

Finally, the house should really match your style, personality, and needs. This is the difference between a home that began life as a preset floor plan and one that was crafted from the start with a keen eye to the owners. You should be able to meet all your needs and most of your wants without having to compromise because the design reflects other people's sense of normalcy. 

When you expect more from a customized home than simply the name, 'custom home', you will see how much more elevated a luxury home should be. Want to learn more? Contact a real estate agent for more information regarding luxury homes.